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Legal protection insurance for small companies

Are you looking for an offer that perfectly matches your company size? Our uncomplicated and comprehensive package is specially tailored to the needs of small businesses.

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Legal protection insurance for small companies

It can happen quickly – and you are involved in a legal dispute that can threaten the existence of your small business. In this case, we will make sure that you get your rights. Uncomplicated and unbureaucratic. 

Experts in all areas of the law

Our legal specialists and lawyers can also support you in starting your own business and with all legal issues relating to staff, suppliers, insurance, and premises. 

Up to an AHV payroll amount of CHF 200,000 or annual revenue of CHF 500,000, the total package from AXA-ARAG offers you comprehensive legal certainty in all relevant areas of law. 

How can small businesses benefit from AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance?

Benefits/assumption of costs:

  • Legal advice and representation
  • Fees of an independent lawyer
  • Expert opinions
  • Court fees and procedural costs
  • Non-court costs awarded to the opposing party
  • Bail to avoid pre-trial detention (advance payment)
  • Mediation

All important fields of law:

  • Labor law up to CHF 600,000
  • Tenancy and leasehold law up to CHF 600,000
  • Contract law up to CHF 100,000
  • Insurance law up to CHF 600,000
  • Ownership and property law up to CHF 600,000
  • Neighbor law up to CHF 600,000
  • Expropriation up to CHF 600,000
  • Vehicle taxation up to CHF 600,000
  • Business trips up to CHF 600,000
  • Civil damages law and satisfaction up to CHF 600,000
  • Criminal and administrative proceedings up to CHF 600,000
  • Permits up to CHF 600,000
  • Internet legal protection up to CHF 10,000
  • Legal advice insurance

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Examples of damage/loss

Dispute between two SMEs

Dispute between two SMEs

After terminating their collaboration, two SMEs – Meier Print and Copy-Easy – have locked horns. The mediator appointed by AXA-ARAG gets the two parties back to the negotiating table, where they reach a settlement. Copy-Easy undertakes to pay Meier Print CHF 10,000, but ends up paying only CHF 5,000. AXA-ARAG starts proceedings to enforce payment of the debt, whereupon Copy-Easy pays the remaining CHF 5,000.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Cost of mediation CHF 2,800
  3. Cost of payment summons CHF 60
  4. Total costs CHF 2,860
  5. Deductible for Meier Print CHF 0
  6. Benefits paid by AXA-ARAG CHF 2,860

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