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Supplementary solutions in occupational benefits insurance

Coverage of the pension needs of employees with a high income is inadequate under a standard BVG solution. Given their high salaries, gaps in coverage often arise in risk benefits as well as in retirement provision. This can be avoided with the supplementary solutions from AXA. 

  • Individual pension design
  • Supplement to the basic pension with individual benefits
  • Personal investment strategy

Supplementary solutions

  • Top Invest – AXA's modular supplementary pension

    Alongside solutions for mandatory occupational benefits insurance, AXA – with Top Invest – also offers solutions that cover only benefits to which the provisions of mandatory occupational benefits do not apply. These form the individual supplement to basic provision for selected groups of employees.

    What are the advantages of Top Invest?

    • Individual pension plan design
    • The Board of Trustees sets the investment strategy
    • All returns on investments flow back to the collective foundation
    • No cross-subsidization of Pillar 2 minimum benefits and opportunities for higher interest
    • Attractive risk and cost tariffs     
  • Flex Invest – the executive pension with an individual investment strategy

    The Pillar 2 legislation allows the insured with a high income a greater level of self-determination. Starting from a set salary amount, they can determine the investment strategy for their pension assets themselves. This opens up opportunities for higher interest and creates tax savings.

    What are the advantages of Flex Invest?

    • Salary portions exceeding CHF 126,900 are insured in a supplementary pension separately from the remaining pension assets. The contributions are deductible from taxable income.
    • AXA offers various investment strategies with corresponding securities to choose from.
    • Every insured chooses the investment strategy corresponding to their personal risk profile and individual investment horizon.
    • On departure the securities are transferred to a vested benefits account.
    • On retirement they are transferred to the insured's personal custody account.

    Flex Invest, the 1e-pension solution, is an offer from AXA in cooperation with Liberty Vorsorge AG.

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