“I spend my leisure time in my classic car”

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Cordula Winter is as passionately committed to her job at AXA as she is to her “vintage cars” in her leisure time.

Cordula Winter has been Head of Customer Experience at AXA Switzerland for 18 months and is responsible for customers having a good, quick, simple and intuitive experience with AXA, either by telephone, email, letter or Internet. It’s all about creating positive, memorable experiences for customers. She does this with a great deal of passion and commitment. But her passion in her leisure time is old cars, a hobby you would never guess when meeting this bubbly woman who always wears dresses or skirts. The passion for old cars runs in the family - her grandmother and father already had a fine collection of rare old cars, and she inherited her passion at an early age: “When my mother was in labor, our ordinary car had broken down, so my father had to use the classic car to take her to hospital. I was almost born in the old DKW Monza – my passion for classic cars was almost inevitable”, laughs the 44-year old German.

“I’m a real classic car freak, gasoline runs in my veins”.

When she was a young girl, her father taught her about the technical correlations of a car engine – aged only 16, Cordula bought her first car, a 1970s Fiberfab Bonito. Using replacement parts collected from scrap yards, she spent many working hours building the kit car herself with fiberglass bodywork in the GT 40 look. Having to build this “flat souped-up Beetle-based car” was a formative experience, and even today, looking after and repairing her cars herself is a nice balance to the work routine. 

In her younger years, this native of Karlsruhe used to drive in races and rallies - today she only drives classic cars, but the speed still brings her pure joy. “I’m a real classic car freak, gasoline runs in my veins”. Her family instilled this passion in her: “My husband would rather drive the new Porsche 911 – he wouldn’t dare drive my classic cars”, laughs Cordula heartily. She herself likes driving the 1957 Porsche 356 the most, clocking up almost 10,000 km every year. She also inherited a 1950s DKW 3=6 from her grandmother and moors a 1960s Guggisberg Silbermöve power boat on Lake Zurich.

Cordula Winter looks after and repairs her classic car herself.

Cordula Winter looks after and repairs her classic car herself.

She is so passionate about her exciting hobby that she named her son after the car manufacturer Ferdinand “Ferry” Anton Ernst Porsche who was responsible for creating the Porsche 356/1 roadster in 1948. Her son is already an enthusiastic passenger, she explains: “Ever since he was three years old, he wouldn’t get into Mom’s 911, but threw himself on the floor if he couldn’t ride in a classic car”. Even in the summer, he often accompanies her when she goes out. “Then it’s not about speed, but quality time with my family”. While the daily work routine can’t go fast enough for Cordula, forward-looking and secure driving takes center stage in her private life: “Even though I love driving fast, I never take risks - I treasure the two men in my life too much, as I do my classic cars”.

“It may sound contradictory, but although driving classic cars is about speed, it’s also fairly relaxing”.

When the weather’s nice, she also likes driving her classic car to work sometimes. Her classic car is a popular attraction and makes people happy and smile wherever it goes. “It may sound contradictory, but although driving classic cars is about speed, it’s also fairly relaxing”, says Cordula.

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