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You're safe and think ahead when in road traffic? How can you be sure? With the help of the AXA Drive app, you can easily check your driving style. You can also install AXA Drive if you're not insured with us.

  • Insight into your driving behavior
  • Personalized driving tips
  • Statistical analysis of your journeys

This is how it works

AXA Drive runs in the background during your car journeys and assesses elements such as acceleration, braking, and turning corners. You receive an analysis after each journey.

Depending on the analysis, AXA Drive sends you personalized tips for safer driving. You also have the opportunity to acquire an AXA certificate that confirms your safe driving style.

How often do you drive at night? How often do you drive in the rain or on highways? The detailed summary not only shows you the development of your driving behavior, but also includes other analyses.

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